Individual visits

Take a stroll around Beauport, revel in its lush meanders and peer into the nooks and crannies of its architecture, to unveil 800 years of religious and secular history.

All year round, you can tour the abbey independently*

*except during annual closure period: from January 8th tu February 28th, from November 12th to December 21st, Decembrer 24th, 25th and 31st

Visit Beauport Abbey at your own pace and perhaps dare to lose yourself a little. Rest points and information sheets are available at various points along the trail, offering viewpoints to be contemplated and further information on the history and architecture of this place.

A site map is also available.

Two exhibition areas for a deeper understanding of Beauport

No extra cost

At the beginning of the visitor trail, the parlour exhibition presents a number of facets of Beauport Abbey and its grounds: history, architecture and natural heritage.

The vestry is entirely devoted to presenting the evolution of the abbey's decoration through the centuries.